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Post-Trump America Isn’t What You Hoped It Would Be, Is It?

Trump America

Opinion by Dr. William Harrity, M.D.

With new poll results just released by the AP-NORC Center for Public Research, we’re told, unsurprisingly, that Joe Biden’s approval rating has dipped to the lowest point of his presidency. Only 21% of American adults feel that the country is currently headed in the right direction, and the president’s own party is rapidly jumping ship when it comes to backing the darling they exuberantly lauded not so long ago. Among those making a shift is Elon Musk, who tweeted that he will be voting Republican this year for the first time ever—and he’s not alone.

Many are waking up to the ugly reality of post-Trump America and are feeling the sting of compounding and ubiquitous nationwide woes, such as rocketing inflation, supply chain shortages, a runaway housing market, and the rapid decline in our status among nations as a global power.

Believe me when I tell you it brings me absolutely no pleasure in saying, “We told you so,” and this outcome was clearly predicted in the documentary “Trump 2024: The World After Trump.”

As abrasive as he may have been, Donald Trump was a defensive barricade against both internal and external enemies. As abhorred as he was by some, he continually placed America and its citizenry in first position during his presidential tenure. As vilified as he was by the Left-controlled media, he worked to protect, defend, and prosper the American people, the American dream, and the American way of life. And in the year and a half that he has been out of the White House, our nation has spiraled out of control.

I’m not just talking economically and politically, but morally as well. The Wokeism that’s become the religion of the Left has blossomed into absolute lunacy cultivated in the rich fertilizer of the current political establishment. In fact, the Catholic Church recently acknowledged this by refusing to countenance Nancy Pelosi’s blatant moral hypocrisy. Will America wake up to the madness?

I believe we are approaching a crossroads of tremendous significance. Will we learn from the mistake that we’ve made in removing a strong (albeit coarse) leader for a gentle doormat?  

I commissioned the production of “Trump 2024” through Resurrection Pictures to help inform people of the issues we now face in America and its future. Presenting facts about Trump that the media worked tirelessly to spin, manipulate, or bury during his term, this film presents Trump from a perspective you probably have never considered before. Examining topics ranging from socialism, immigration and sovereignty to globalism, military leadership, abortion, and Israel, Trump 2024 takes a comprehensive look at why Trump’s presidency was so much more substantial than you’ve been led to believe.

“Trump 2024” is available to view at as well as on Amazon, GooglePlay and iTunes. I strongly encourage you to watch it—for the sake of America’s future.

Dr. William Harrity, M.D., is an American patriot, California resident, and anesthesiologist whose passion—ironically—is calling people to wake up to the moral decay that is pervading the nation. The production of the film Trump 2024 is intended to enlighten the public about the true character, mission, and accomplishments of the presidential administration under Donald Trump.